Joe Buscaglia over at put together the list of all of the Bills Unrestricted Free Agents this year, with there re-signing odds in his opinion. I pretty much agree with him on the bulk of the guys on the list. I think the top targets for the team are Stevie Johnson, Demetrius Bell, and Kirk Morrison.

The Bills need to get Stevie Johnson inked soon, losing him will put the team in a tough spot at the wide receiver position. They have a solid group of backups, but that is all most of those guys are. If they can keep Johnson, they can focus on bringing in a guy like Pierre Garcon or a Robert Meachem a second tier free agent that can contribute big, and not break the bank.

Demetrius is kinda a no brainier. I know he has struggled at times, and has injury issues, but let's not forget when he was in there early in the season the team was 5-2. Besides, Chris Hairiston is the only LT on the roster now. He showed signs of being capable, but Bell is a better player and has more experience. Expect the Bills bring Bell back, and add another tackle through the draft to challenge Bell for the starting spot.

Kirk Morrison might want to leave Buffalo for a starting role somewhere, but from what has been said recently I believe he could have that starting spot in Buffalo. The Bills should resign Morrison purely for his experience in the 4-3, and the NFL. Don't forget Morrison was once one of the best linebackers in the game when he was in Oakland.

I know I left Scott Chandler and Bryan Scott out of my top targets, but I don't believe the Bills are dead set on having to have Chandler. I know they haven't had production from a tight end in forever, but if Chandler doesn't come at a reasonable price I see the Bills just picking up a new piece. Chan Gailey told this at the combine about the tight end position. "We'll use a guy that has talent. I'm not going to try and put a square peg in a round hole just to say we've got a tight end or just to use a tight end,". "If we're better off with four wide receivers on the field or three wide receivers and two running backs — my job is to put the best players on the field and get the most out of them." This just makes me think the team will be using C.J Spiller and Fred Jackson together and the tight end may just be more of a blocking position next year; not Chandler's best quality. As far as Bryan Scott I like him,but I think the team could afford to upgrade the position with some more quality depth. Scott will probably return, but may not see the field that often.

As for the remaining guys on the list it is probably adios.