Fitzpatrick and Stevie Johnson seem to have a great relationship with each other. Apparently, they tell each other how to get there hair cut. Despite the fun and games the two 7th round, practice team players, are a couple of the richest guys on the team. Which is well deserved in the eyes Buddy Nix, and the other Bills brass.

Fitzpatrick was off to a career year when he signed in monster deal, and then just fell off. It was rumored then that Fitzpatrick had a rib injury after the Washington game. That is exactly the same time that "Fitz Magic" vanished.

Fitzpatrick and Johnson both shed some light on the rumor today.

“I mean, it’s something I don’t really want to get into much,” Fitzpatrick told the Toronto Sun. “The only thing I’ll say is guys in the NFL play hurt.  Every game guys are hurt, especially at the end of the year. And that’s just part of the game, it’s part of the business, and something you have to do.”

Johnson added much more,

“I know personally, in the huddle, the worst it got — to my knowledge — is he barely could say a full play under one breath,” Johnson told the Sun.

“It started right at the halfway mark [of the season].  I mean, everybody in the league is injured or is hurt in some way.  When it’s your quarterback who’s got to throw, and it’s ribs — I mean, it’s tough. That’s the last thing I heard was it was ribs, or what-not.”

So, the question still remains; Was Fitzpatrick playing the second half of the season with broken ribs?