Buddy Nix has stood by his word since day one, and he continued to show that by getting two very important deals done in the past couple days. The team resigned WR Ruvell Martin, and today resigned TE Scott Chandler. These two guys are not as flashy as Stevie Johnson, but are very valuable to the team.

Martin may not get on the field as a wide receiver much, but he is very solid on special teams. He was second in tackles last year, and was not even on the team all year. The fact that he is familiar with the system and has the ability to step in and run routes makes him a solid addition to the roster.

Scott Chandler emerged last year as a very solid starter until he got hurt. The Bills have been lacking at tight end for sometime now, and Chandler could prove to change that. Not to mention he is now going to be mentored by the best tight end the Bills ever had in Pete Metzelaars. With another year in the system Chandler should have the opportunity to set a new single season TD record in Buffalo.

The fact that Nix is keeping value guys around is a very positive sign for the team in the future. In recent years the team would have to find new guys every year to fill the void. I know not to many people are fans of Nix, but he knows how to build a team, and is in the process of building a perennial contender in Buffalo.