Chris Brown from gathers up some of the Mock Drafts from some of the more premier "experts" around. This is the latest installment that he gathered (Mock Draft). Courtney Upshaw seems to be the top choice by most to land in Buffalo.

It makes sense the Bills need a pass rusher, he is capable, and he has played in a pro style defense under Nick Saban at Alabama. Not to mention he is only one year removed from lining up with Marcell Dareus.

Look I like Upshaw he is a very solid player, and would improve the Bills defense. I like the connection that he and Dareus would have, but he is not a prototypical defensive end he lacks a little in size, and arm length. The only questions for the Bills will be; Does this really matter?, and will he even be there when they are on the board?

Don't get me wrong I would love to have Upshaw on the roster, but I still think that tackle may be the best shot for the Bills. With three to five tackles projected as first round talent why not sure up the line with a young long-term tackle?

It is not that crazy of any idea that they may go WR or even CB at 10.